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A boat rocks gently on the sea. It appears to hover above the shimmering water. Water symbolises depth. The vastness of the sea or a lake also allows our mind to wander. The cares of the day drift away as we start to unwind.

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Modern artists use strong colours to reflect their impression of the world. Wallpapers with motifs from modern art are a stylish way of bringing colour into the home.

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As well as painting, the artist is also involved with sculpture and ceramics. The motifs for her designer wallpapers are influenced by marble and Japanese Raku pottery: the patterns remind you of the craquelling glaze, the cracks in the surface of pottery, or the classic marbled stone.

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These retro wall coverings have been spiced up a little, so they are reminiscent of the past but your wall doesn’t appear to be stuck in a time warp. Retro with a twist, in other words. As a playful throwback to the decades from the 1950s to the 1970s, therefore, these wallpapers are ideally suited to modern homes.

Fancy a change of wallpaper, but dread the amount of work?

No worries – hanging wallpaper is not like it used to be in the old days. Our fleece wallpapers are particularly easy to handle: the paper is strong (150 g/m²) and, at 45 cm in width, the rolls are really easy to position. There is no need to soak fleece wallpapers, as the paste is applied directly onto the wall. This ensures a newly decorated wall in no time at all.
We pass on a few handy hints to make sure it looks really professional as well here.

We are here to help as soon as you place your online order:
you only need to enter the dimensions of your wall. You will see the proportions of your wall displayed on the picture of your new wallpaper. You can now manipulate the pane until it is to your liking. We will then work out how much wallpaper you need.

And if you fancy a different style next year, modern fleece wallpapers can be dry-stripped. Simply go online to select a new wall design, place your order, re-paper and the new look is complete. Incidentally, our production is CO2-neutral – so you can replace your wallpaper without harming the environment.